August 9, 2016

Learning Tracks

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Requesting a custom track:

If you would like to order a new custom track, please contact Drew , and I will respond with an estimate on turn-around time. Then, please send me a legal copy of the music being requested. If the estimated turn-around time is more than two weeks, payment will be arranged approximately two weeks prior to the expected completion date.

Ordering an existing track:

Below is the list of learning tracks available for download. Please select the track you wish to download, and complete payment via PayPal.

If you wish to purchase the track with another form of payment, please email me with the item numbers, titles and arrangers’ names of the recordings being requested, and an invoice will be sent to the purchaser. Once payment is received, the tracks will be made available to the purchaser via internet download.

TTBB Barbershop Tracks

Number Title Arranger Parts Performed By
B-0043 25 or 6 to 4 Aaron Dale TTBBBB+Solo Kentucky Vocal Union
B-0143 A Bird In a Guilded Cage Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0144 A Cottage for Sale Brent Graham TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0145 A Little Kiss Each Morning Rogers Hornsby & Nancy Bergman TTBB
B-0058 A Special Night Thoroughbreds TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0176 A Whole New World Aaron Dale TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0035 After Today Jay Gialombardo TTBB Acoustix
B-0017 Ain’t Misbehavin’ Earl Moon & Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0011 Alexander’s Ragtime Band Unknown TTBB
B-0130 All of Me Scott Kitzmiller and Larry Triplett TTBB
B-0212 All Through the Night Joe Johnson and Bob Shami TTBB
B-0059 Always Don Gray and Mark Hale TTBB Michigan Jake
B-0146 Am I Wasting My Time Wayne M. Grimmer TTBB
B-0091 America Steve Tramack TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0213 Are You Havin’ Any Fun Brian Mastrull TTBB Trademark
B-0060 Armed Forces Medley Nancy Bergman TTBB
B-0214 As We Stumble Along Cay Outerbridge TTBB Vocal Revolution
B-0061 Ave Maria Franz Biebl TTBB + TTB
B-0092 B&O Line Bob "Diz" Disney TTBB Flipside
B-0048 Back Home Again in Indiana Renee Craig (alt. Kenny Hatton) TTBB
B-0177 Be Our Guest Clay Hine TTBB Keepsake
B-0026 Beach Boys Medley Niclas Lindgren TTBB
B-0001 Blue Moon Dave Briner TTBB
B-0215 Blue Suede Shoes Tom Gentry TTBB
B-0093 Bring Me Sunshine Robert Rund TTBB
B-0044 Bring Me Sunshine Eric Ruthenberg TTBB
B-0190 Bring Me Sunshine David Harrington TTBB Southern Gateway Chorus
B-0228 By The Light of the Silvery Moon Val Hicks TTBB
B-0159 Bye Bye Blues SPEBSQSA & Matt Gallagher TTBB Harmony brigade
B-0094 Can’t Help Falling in Love Brian Patrick Hogan TTBB
B-0095 Candy Man Kevin Keller TTBB
B-0096 Carol of the Bells Kirby Shaw TTBB
B-0022 Cecilia Interstate Rivals TTBB Interstate Rivals
B-0217 Chorus Line Medley John Hohl TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0097 Christmas Song Aaron Dale TTBB
B-0178 Christmas Time Don Gray TTBB+Solo Thoroughbreds
B-0198 Circle of Life / Heart & Music Medley Steve Tramack TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0137 Come On and Sing Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0027 Constant Sorrow Niclas Lindgren TTBB
B-0191 Cotton Candy Carolyn Healy TTBB
B-0148 Could Ja Wayne M. Grimmer TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0012 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Christopher Peterson TTBB
B-0002 Cuddle Up A Little Closer Clay Hine TTBB Platinum
B-0045 Dear Heart Ruby Rhea TTBB
B-0150 Deep In the Heart of Texas Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0218 Defying Gravity Steve Tramack TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0098 Desperado Jeremy Johnson TTBB
B-0151 Down By the Riverside Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0186 Down Where the Swanee River Flows Larry Autenreith TTBB Town and Country Four
B-0099 Every Day of My Life Cort Kimball TTBB Marquis
B-0100 Everything I Do Patrick McAlexander TTBB
B-0219 Fix You Chris Lewis TTBB Fog City Singers
B-0101 Fly Away Little Girl Mac Huff TTBB
B-0103 Flying Sinatra Medley Roger Payne and Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0063 Follow the Flag Doug Nicchol TTBB
B-0220 Fools Rush In Joe Johnson and Bob Shami TTBB
B-0138 Four Part Harmony Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0152 Give Me That Smile Adam Scott TTBB
B-0064 Go Tell It On The Mountain Roger Payne TTBB Reveille
B-0028 Go The Distance Aaron Dale TTBB Vocal Spectrum
B-0029 God Bless The U.S.A. Brian Beck TTBB Acoustix
B-0153 Good Times Medley Patrick McAlexander TTBB Midwest Vocal Express
B-0221 Goodbye Steve Tramack TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0065 Hanukkah Song Larry Triplett TTBB
B-0066 Happy Birthday Jon Nicholas TTBB
B-0104 Happy Days Walter Latzko TTBB Buffalo Bills
B-0131 Hard Times Kevin Keller TTBB Musical Island Boys
B-0222 Hatikva Patrick Kelly TTBB
B-0046 Heart of a Clown Lloyd Steinkamp TTBB
B-0003 Hello My Baby (Cell Phone Parody) David Harrington TTBB Blend Tech
B-0154 Heritage Medley SPEBSQSA TTBB
B-0133 Hit Me With a Hot Note Patrick McAlexander TTBB Forefront
B-0199 Home On the Range Jim Clancy TTBB
B-0102 How Could I Ever Know Matt Gallagher TTBB Voices of Gotham
B-0200 How D’ya Like Your Eggs In the Morning Tom Gentry TTBB
B-0155 Hymn to Freedom Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0034 I Asked The Lord Warren "Buzz" Haeger TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0139 I Don’t Remember Her Name Paul Olguin TTBB Special Feature
B-0179 I Get Along Without You Very Well Matt Gallagher TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0068 I Get Around Jeremy Johnson TTBB Forefront
B-0105 I Get the Blues When It Rains David Harrington TTBB Masterpiece
B-0106 I Got Rhythm David Wright TTBB Forefront
B-0140 I Like Nothing Like I Like You Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0180 I Love A Piano TTBB Keepsake
B-0223 I Love You More Today Than Yesterday Greg Volk TTBB
B-0069 I Love You Truly Barbershop Harmony Society TTBB
B-0014 I Want A Girl S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. TTBB
B-0181 I Was Here Theodore Hicks TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0182 I Write the Songs Steve Tramack TTBB Harmonium
B-0107 I’d Give a Million Tomorrows (for Just One Yesterday) David Wright TTBB Forefront
B-0047 I’ll Be Seeing You Don Gray TTBB Marquis
B-0132 If Gene Cokeroft TTBB Suntones / Forefront
B-0156 If Ever I Would Leave You Clay Hine TTBB Masterpiece
B-0141 If I Can’t Call You Mine Paul Olguin TTBB Special Feature
B-0157 If I Didn’t Care Brent Graham TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0134 If I Never Knew You Theo Hicks TTBB Forefront
B-0202 If The Lord Be Willin’ (And the Creek Don’t Rise) Phil Ordaz TTBB Westminster Chorus
B-0158 In the Good Old Summertime Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0108 In Your Eyes Larry Wright TTBB 2015 Medalists Chorus
B-0109 Into the Fire Steve Tramack TTBB Voices of Gotham
B-0110 Irish Blessing Don Gray TTBB
B-0111 Is This Just Another Song About Love Bob "Diz" Disney TTBB Keepsake
B-0183 Isn’t She Lovely Michael Menefee TTBB Forefront
B-0224 It Could Happen To You Gene Cokeroft TTBB
B-0112 It’s a Most Unusual Day Walter Latzko TTBB Suntones
B-0036 It’s Today Tom Gentry TTBB
B-0070 Jeepers Creepers Fred King TTBB
B-0161 Joy To the World Adam Scott TTBB
B-0201 Just In Time Anthony Bartholomew TTBB Forefront
B-0113 Keep the Whole World Singing Willis A. Diekema TTBB
B-0114 Kentucky Babe Kirk Roose TTBB The Allies
B-0115 Kentucky Medley TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0049 Kokomo Don Gray TTBB
B-0225 Le Jazz Hot Patrick McAlexander TTBB Sweet and Sour
B-0037 Les Roses De Picardie Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0226 Let Me Drown Kevin Keller TTBB Fleet Street
B-0227 Let There Be Peace On Earth Ray Danley TTBB
B-0162 Let Yourself Go David Wright TTBB Crossroards
B-0031 Liza Ed Waesche TTBB Bluegrass Student Union
B-0038 Lord’s Prayer Sam Stahl TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0071 Love Me Tender S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. TTBB
B-0203 Love You Anymore Melody Hine TTBB QuinTones Quartet
B-0117 Lullaby Tom Anderson TTBB+Solo Kentucky Vocal Union
B-0230 Luminei Fabrizio Perone TTBB
B-0051 Make ‘Em Laugh Clay Hine TTBB Keepsake
B-0231 Make the Most of This Moment Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0072 Mary Did You Know David Wright TTBB Gas House Gang
B-0118 Me Old Bamboo Clay Hine TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0192 Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis Burt Szabo TTBB
B-0004 Midnight Rose Ed Waesche TTBB Bluegrass Student Union
B-0073 Miller Medley a.p.b. Southern Gateway Chorus Chorus+Quartet
B-0018 Moments To Remember Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0074 Moonglow Webb Comfort TTBB
B-0052 Mother Mine Jeremy Johnson TTBB
B-0163 My Foolish Heart Rob Hopkins TTBB
B-0039 My Old Kentucky Home Bill Benner / Jay Hawkins TTBB
B-0119 Nat King Cole Medley David Harrington and Mark Hale TTBB Westminster Chorus
B-0120 Nearer My God To Thee TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0053 New Orleans Medley Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0232 No One Ever Tells You Brian Mastrull TTBB Trademark
B-0075 O Come All Ye Faithful S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. TTBB
B-0076 O Holy Night S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. TTBB
B-0077 Oceanna Roll unknown TTBB
B-0204 Ode to Music Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0078 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. TTBB
B-0205 Old Bones Larry Triplett TTBB
B-0019 Old Cape Cod Russ Forris TTBB
B-0206 Old Guys Still Got It Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0234 Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends Lou Perry TTBB JADAQC Chorus
B-0235 Once Before I Go Cay Outerbridge TTBB
B-0122 Open Arms Bryan Ziegler TTBB Carolina Vocal Express
B-0165 Open Arms Bryan Ziegler & Steve Tramack TTBB Carolina Vocal Express
B-0207 Orange Colored Sky Tom Gentry TTBB
B-0020 Paper Moon Clay Hine TTBB Platinum
B-0079 Patriotic Medley TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0236 Perfect Lance Fisher TTBB Studio Time
B-0054 Please Don’t Forget Me Kevin Keller TTBB
B-0237 Plus Je T’Embrace Ed Waesche TTBB
B-0080 Precious Lord Bob Mucha TTBB
B-0208 Pure Imagination Dave Briner TTBB
B-0081 Razzle Dazzle Tom Gentry TTBB Men in Black
B-0166 Ready, Willing, and Able Aaron Dale TTBB Forefront
B-0006 Red Rose Rag F.B. Pearson TTBB
B-0082 Rocky Top Aaron Dale TTBB Realtime
B-0167 Show Me Where the Good Times Are Gene Cokeroft TTBB Suntones
B-0083 Silent Night William A Benner TTBB
B-0124 Singing With You Steve Delehanty TTBB
B-0168 Sixteen Tons David Wright TTBB Gas House Gang
B-0209 Skye Boat Song Joe Johnson & Bob Shami TTBB
B-0184 Some Lucky Day Greg Volk TTBB Gas House Gang
B-0185 Someone Like You Steve Tramack TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0015 Song And Dance Man Val Hicks TTBB Keepsake
B-0084 South G. Cokeroft (mod. for HOT) TTBB Heart of Texas
B-0169 South Gene Cokeroft & Matt Gallagher TTBB Harmony Brigade
B-0024 Spinning Wheel Ross Lynde TTBB Cadence
B-0055 Stopping By Woofs Webb Comfort TTBB
B-0008 Stormy Weather B. Doepke TTBB Flipside
B-0085 Stouthearted Men Don Gray TTBB
B-0009 Sunrise Sunset Unknown TTBB
B-0238 Sweet Georgia Brown Don Gray TTBB
B-0210 Sweetheart Tree Steve Tramack TTBB
B-0239 Swing Down Chariot Vagabonds TTBB
B-0142 Takin’ My Time With Tammy Paul Olguin TTBB Special Feature
B-0125 Taking a Chance on Love Walter Latzko TTBB Marquis
B-0032 The Christmas Song Joe Liles TTBB
B-0240 The Gift of Harmony Paul Olguin TTBB
B-0193 The Great Race Joni Bescos TTBB Roadshow
B-0229 The Little While Cloud That Cried Gene Cokeroft TTBB Interstate Rivals
B-0187 The More I See You/There Will Never Be Another You Brent Graham Men Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0164 The Nearness of You Carolyn Healy TTBB
B-0241 The Parting Song Ken Potter TTBB
B-0194 There Will Never Be Another You Patrick McAlexander TTBB Forefront
B-0086 There’s No Business Like Show Business TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0242 This is a Very Special Day Eric Ruthenberg TTBB
B-0149 This Is Dedicated to the One I Love Jeremey Johnson TTBB Forefront
B-0188 This is Dedicated to the One I Love Jeremey Johnson TTBB Forefront
B-0243 This is The Moment Steve Armstrong TTBB Toronto Northern Lights
B-0195 Those Were the Days Joe Liles TTBB AISQC
B-0126 Thriller Dan Naumann TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0244 Til I Hear You Sing Theo Hicks TTBB Instanct Classic
B-0127 Time After Time Ed Waesche TTBB Power Play
B-0196 Tomorrow is Promised to No One Fred King TTBB Old School
B-0135 Tomorrow Tonight Larry Triplett TTBB Zero Hour
B-0170 Tomorrow Tonight Kevin Keller TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0040 Town In Old New Hampshire Roger Payne TTBB 4 Under Par
B-0041 Toy Soldiers Jay Gialombardo TTBB Gradnma's Boys
B-0042 Toyland Ed Waesche TTBB Rapscallions
B-0033 Twilight Time Mark Hale TTBB Michigan Jake
B-0128 Ukulele Lady Tom Gentry TTBB
B-0056 US Cities Medley Jay Gialombardo (alt. Tramack) TTBB
B-0087 Veni Veni Emmanuel Kevin Keller TTBB Gas House Gang
B-0025 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home Medley Dave Briner TTBB
B-0023 What A Wonderful World Russ Forris TTBB
B-0088 What Child is This/A Child of the Poor Kevin Keller TTBB+Solo
B-0016 What Child Is This? Joe Johnson TTBB
B-0175 What More Can a Soldier Give Bob Rund TTBB Gotcha
B-0010 What’ll I Do Ed Waesche/Renee Craig TTBB Platinum
B-0057 Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott Webb Comfort TTBB
B-0211 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder Kevin Keller TTBB Midwest Vocal Express
B-0172 When You Wish Upon a Star Leigh Harline TTBB
B-0129 Where Do You Start? Billy Mitchell TTBB The Franchise
B-0197 Who Will Sing For Me Jordan Johnson TTBB
B-0089 Winter Wonderland TTBB Thoroughbreds
B-0030 With A Little Help From My Friends Rich Hasty TTBB Realtime
B-0189 You’ll Be Back David Zimmerman TTBB Forefront
B-0136 You’ll Never Walk Alone Jim Clancy TTBB Vocal Majority
B-0173 You’re Cheatin’ Yourself Matt Gallagher TTBB Frank the Dog
B-0245 You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile Clay Hine TTBB Alexandria Harmonizers
B-0090 You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You Clay Hine TTBB Wheelhouse
B-0174 Your Cheatin’ Heart Aaron Dale TTBB Stateline Grocery

SSAA Barbershop Tracks

Number Title Arranger Parts Performed By
C-0006 After You’ve Gone Nancy Bergman/Leola Wright SSAA
C-0015 Always Don Gray and Mark Hale SSAA Ringtones!
C-0016 Baby Face (Parody) Joni Bescos SSAA
C-0005 Bumble Bee W/M: Anders Enderoth SSAA
C-0007 Come Fly With Me Carolyn Schmidt SSAA
C-0019 Cuddle Up A Little Closer Clay Hine SSAA Spot On
C-0002 Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You Greg Volk SSAA
C-0023 Don’t Stop Me Now Leif Österlund SSAA St. Louis Harmony
C-0020 Flamin’ Agnes Bryan Ziegler SSAA Spot On
C-0017 Go The Distance Aaron Dale SSAA Ringtones!
C-0004 Good News Ken Berg SSAA
C-0014 Great Day David Harrington SSAA
C-0009 Heartache Tonight Jim Arns SSAA
C-0012 Hold On Robert DeCormier Double Quartet
C-0024 I Still Can See Your Face David Wright SSAA Rönninge Show Chorus
C-0018 I Wanna Be Around Scott Kitzmiller SSAA Ringtones!
C-0025 If I Never Knew You Theodore Hicks SSAA
C-0026 Let’s Face the Music and Dance David Wright SSAA Rönninge Show Chorus
C-0003 Miss Celie’s Blues Jo Lund SSAA
C-0027 My Grownup Christmas List unknown SSAA Rönninge Show Chorus
C-0008 Saturday In The Park Jim Arns SSAA
C-0013 Something To Talk About Steve Tramack SSAA Ringtones!
C-0021 The Way I Am Patrick McAlexander SSAA Spot On
C-0011 Wana Baraka Shawn L. Kirchner SSAA
C-0028 You Are the Sunshine of My Life Jeremy Johnson SSAA
C-0022 You Make Me Smile Steve Tramack SSAA
C-0010 Zombie Jamboree Lorraine Rocherfort SSAA

Contemporary A Cappella Tracks

Number Title Arranger Parts Performed By
A-0005 Beautiful Day Bryan Sharpe SSAATTB Eleventh Hour
A-0001 Human K.C. Crystelle SSATBB + Solo Cardinal Rule
A-0002 Toxic Bryan Sharpe SSAATTB Eleventh Hour
A-0003 Unwritten Cormac Bluestone SSAA + Solo
A-0004 Uptight Bryan Sharpe TTTTBBB Forefront/Musical Island Boys