August 9, 2016


Requesting a custom track:

The first step is to contact me via email or telephone for an estimate on turn-around time. The purchaser will then send me a legal copy of the music being requested. If the estimated turn-around time is more than two weeks, payment will be arranged approximately two weeks prior to the expected completion date.

Phone: (502) 380-7572

Ordering an Existing Track:

The purchaser must obtain legal copies of the arrangements for which learning recordings are being requested. The purchaser must send me an email with the item numbers, titles and arrangers’ names of the recordings being requested (for clarification, please refer to the Library page). An invoice will be sent to the purchaser. Once payment has been made, the tracks will be made available to the purchaser.

All learning recordings are delivered by internet download:

Once the recordings have been completed and payments have been received the link to a password-protected download site will be sent to the purchaser.